posted by Elshane on Oct 25 2016, under Health/Fitness

Free the legs!!!!

We've all heard it enough, athleisure is taking over the fashion space in a big way, but what is exciting and new to share to the world is that the silhouette of the women's workout pant is expanding (literally and figuratively), finally!

I love me a good yoga legging, but something just felt right about putting on these not too loose, but not too tight jogger sweatpants for my workout. It gave me a little fire in my step and a little extra motivation in my workout. 

Yeah, OK, I got some "oohs and ahhs" at the gym. Some wandering eyes... "What is she wearing? Are those sweatpants?" "Wait, no they're Lululemon workout pants that give her a little more swag than our BASIC spandex," they all gasped in exhilaration! (In their heads, I know this for a fact!)

I wore them to dance class and felt a little more soul in my step. And then of course I wore them around town for the rest of the day and felt like I was in pajamas. It was a great day.


**Pant sizing: I stuck with my true size-- Lululemon's smallest size which is a 2-- I tried the 4 because I wanted them nice and roomy but the 4 was way too big for me.**


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posted by Elshane on Oct 19 2016, under Fashion

It's not everyday that you find yourself along a dirt road, riding in a pickup truck, listening to Darius Rucker sing the sorrows of yesterday. Then again, maybe that's a constant for you. But not me, no way. So when I go, I go hard...

Like, totally... situation dressing at its finest. :)

Drop crotch leather pants and a white tee would be a natural staple for me, but adding the woven Tejas-inspired cape brought me right where I needed to be-- in the center of a deserted highway in west Texas.

It all just felt so right.

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posted by Elshane on Oct 17 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

I'm having flashbacks to my perfectly curated home. The home that had every corner prop-styled and Pinterest-photo ready... Do you have similar flashbacks these days?

Fortunately (at least as of now), only one room in my house has been taken over by the baby storm. And double fortunately, toys these days are so darn cute that I don't even mind! 

My first step in baby takeover land was getting one of those foam mats -- that's sort of an entryway into motherhood, right? But, the thought of having one of those multi-colored ABC mats truly freaked me OUT! Instead, I found this SkipHop foam mat that I had so much fun putting together. The squares and circles are interchangeable so you can make the mat as wild or monochromatic as desired. I went for a middle ground!


Yes, let's now side note to Sunday's ridiculously cute romper. Have you ever met a baby butt you didn't wanted to squeeze? There's just something about little pockets on baby bums that will get me every single time.

The romper is by Mainio and you can't deny it-- you want one for yourself, too. I can read your mind.


This activity box has been an A++ learning toy for Sunday lately. It can flip to five different sides, each showing Sunday a unique hand/eye coordinating skill. And wooden toys are chic, so there's that, too...


Sunday's finally big enough to sit on her Yummy World pink donut chair. What this really means is that my Instagram is about to be bombarded by pink plush furniture photos. Can't wait!

You'll see a bunch of Apple Park toys scattered across the play mat. There's a purple musical turtle and a few adorable soft 3-D ABC blocks. A bunch of friends introduced me to the Apple Park toy brand when Sunday was a tiny tot because the toys are made of organic and eco-friendly materials. As someone who was never into the whole organic craze before baby, it's comforting to know that whatever Sunday is putting in her mouth is as safe as possible.


Lastly I have to give a shout out to my JellyCat unicorn. Why didn't we have stuffed animals THIS SOFT when we were growing up? If you've never felt a JellyCat stuffed animal, then I'm sorry but you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.

Part of me wants to take this unicorn to bed with me every night for a snuggle. Needless to say, Sunday is obsessed with all of her JellyCats! (She has a pink poodle, too.)


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posted by Elshane on Oct 11 2016, under Fashion

We're redefining casual fall attire here on Elshane's World.

A cozy gaucho pant, a semi cropped shirt (this is the true definition of a reverse mullet top, right? Party in the front, business in the back...), and this season's MUST... a fur slide!

I opted for these GORGEOUS Brother Vellies fur slides because they are luxurious but a lot more affordable than their Givenchy and Gucci counterparts. I've never been so inclined to slide my little bare toes into a fall flat until now. 

Also, finding new ways to wear heirloom pieces like my vintage Chanel brooch, as a bejeweled tie at the top of a crisp shirt, is my cue for instant glamour.

How glamorously comfortable is this vibe?!

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posted by Elshane on Oct 5 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

Being a beach babe never felt so REAL!

Taking babez to the beach can be a really fun experience-- if you're prepared! Fortunately, the Virgo in me had us packed up and ready to go the night before-- and it was an utter success.

Here are our beach essentials that I recommend not leaving home without:

1. Your baby carrier (I use a BabyBjorn). When schlepping all of the bags, chairs, tents, dogs {Wouldn't leave home without Homer, of course!} you need all the hands you can manage. Keeping baby on your chest is a safe and easy way to "set up shop"

2. A tent!!!! So necessary. Alternately you can use a pack and play and put a fitted crib sheet over the top for shade. The tent is necessary for 90% of baby's beach time. Sunday took her naps in the tent, did her tummy time, and we also changed her diapers in there. She was only outside of the tent for short intervals throughout the day since the sun was so bright and we didn't want her to get too much sun exposure.

3. BabyGanics SPF 50 sunscreen. No explanation needed.

4. Long sleeve clothing, a sun hat, a sweater, and extra changes of clothing. I'd rather have a hot baby than a burnt baby any day of the week! Sunday is wearing SkipHop's newest long sleeve collection which I have been loving now that the weather is cooling down a bit.

5. U-Line plastic drawstring bags. This is a classic stylist hack-- these U-Line plastic bags are my go-to for everything, from packing for a trip, to a day at the beach. They're drawstring, big enough to fit a stack of folded clothing, and perfect for everything from separating sandy/wet clothes from clean burp cloths, to organizing toys and accessories. They're durable and reusable!

6. A monogrammed baby beach towel. Ok, you caught me. This is NOT an essential, but it should be. Sunday rocked her monogrammed unicorn beach towel and she meant business. I don't know about you, but I've never personally owned a monogrammed beach towel. And I'm pretty sad about it. Plus, they're on sale now here for under $15. Great baby gift idea!!

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posted by Elshane on Sep 30 2016, under Fashion

There is so much history for me behind this Prada Marfa art installation. The full story is here, which goes into detail about a flea market, a sharpie, and a world renowned photographer and now friend. Worth the read (plus you get a mini house tour of my home so basically, you're welcome! Have a cocktail!)

But in short (because I know all of you have now read the full story), I completed the epic circle of love. Who knew then, at that time, doing all of those things, that I'd actually end up HERE. In good ol' Marfa, Texas.

The box is officially checked.

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posted by Elshane on Sep 27 2016, under Fashion

I recently visited Marfa, Texas for a friends wedding in mid September. For a town so small ( small... population of 1,800), it does have its quirks. It's slowly rising up in the art world after artist (and near G-d-like figure in town) Donald Judd staked his claim as desert city artist hub nation for those looking for a cool art adventure (if you're down for the 12 hour journey from either coast)

Here were my favorite Marfa moments, many of which you see in these photos.

1. Sunrise Tour at the Chinati Foundation (art exhibition): see Donald Judd in all his greatness-- 100 untitled works that are worth the early rise.

2. Freda (clothing store): Thankfully I visited this store sans husband. Spent 2 hours drooling over the Southwest vibes including fur sandals (bought), woven gold trousers (bought), and countless jewelry that resembled tiny pieces of artwork (swooned over). It's my favorite travel boutique I've visited in a long time. 

3. Food Shark (food truck): Any food joint is worth the visit if it induces an Instagram-worthy photo opp, right? If it's good enough for Beyonce, it's kinda good enough for me...

4. Moonlight Gemstones (gem shop): Yeah, you can get rose quartz just about anywhere, but walking into Moonlight Gemstone just feels right. A 360 degree box of glistening rocks excites at every turn. It was a feel good paradise.

5. Marfa Burrito (breakfast): So they weren't joking when they told me that you walk through town, into the Marfa residence neighborhood to Ramona's house (yup), to sit down at her kitchen table {or her dining room table, or her outdoor table-- your choice!}, and shout for a breakfast burrito. She serves it to you straight. It's big, spicy, and delicious. I recommend the chorizo! 

6. Hotel St. George (hotel accommodation): Call me old fashioned (or call me high maintenance), but I don't necessarily follow a "when in Rome" mentality if it calls for mother earthy adventures. Case in point? There are amazing places to stay in Marfa that are authentic to the "desert chic", "rustic" vibe of the city, like an incredibly chic camp ground called El Cosmico and a vintage-inspired motel called Thunderbird, but I preferred to stay at the brand sparkling new hotel that boasts silky sheets, a fabulous shower, contemporary art filled walls, cuter than cute authentic Marfa mini bar selections, and a chic museum-like hotel gift shop. If you are picking up what I'm throwing down, you'll want to stay here, too. ;)

7. Prada Marfa (art installation): Gray Malin has made this lonesome couture art installation along a dusty desert road the world's most covetable Instagram shot. At about 30 minutes outside of Marfa (that's considered a mere stone's throw away in Texas by the way), you too, can star in your very own Gray Malin photography series. (You'll see mine an upcoming blog post.)


Oh, and silk bomber jackets are really cool so you should definitely buy one for fall season in my Shop The Look section below! Mine is **true vintage** passed down from my husband's grandfather... Lucky me!


Photographs taken in Marfa, Texas

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posted by Elshane on Sep 7 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

Although motherhood generally comes with the phenomenal development of a third arm, it's pretty cool to sometimes just be able to use the two you were born with to their fullest extent. Insert need for baby wearing here.

I've been big on testing carriers and wraps since Sunday's birth, and honestly, I've loved everything that I've tried (props to LilleBaby and Solly brands). So I figured the natural next step would be to try the biggest name in baby wearing, BabyBjorn.

I opted for BabyBjorn's Carrier One Air model because I had very specific requirements and this carrier fit the bill. Living in Los Angeles, I needed a carrier that was completely breathable, versatile enough for her to face inside towards my chest, out to the world, or on my back, lightweight, easy to figure out, and super safe for her hips. Oh, and my craving for everything colorful was met since they just introduced this new line of pastels, called the Watercolor Collection!  

I have to say-- this carrier is so user-friendly. Even my husband, who loves the ol' fashion-- who needs a handbook-- method of figuring things out, was able to prove successful in his "wing it" approach. ;) {Of course, I read the entire instructions manual to make sure we were doing everything right, but he doesn't need to know that!}

I chose the carrier in Ice Blue Fish so that it satisfied my craving for color, and yet it was also masculine enough for my husband to feel comfortable wearing it. He's been rocking it on Sundays (with Sunday, ha!) to the local farmer's market. #FAMILY!


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