posted by Elshane on Feb 10 2016, under Fashion

This is a 180 twist from a typical Elshane lewk. An oversized sweater, swing skirt (stretchy for the 33 week bump thankfully) and some knee high booties isn't my typical approach. But as the weather warms yet February still deems winter attire, I found this look to be the perfect compromise

I added the fur bag as one last ode to cold weather, before my furs and knits and such go deep into hibernation. See, although you may be itching for spring, it's important to utilize the remainder of your winter wardrobe regardless of the weather. Why, you ask?

Soon enough, as the flowers start to sprout and the nights warm into spring, the need for these cold weather items will be completely exhausted. Finding new and "lighter" ways to wear these pieces is key for these remaining winter weeks. You'll thank yourself in the end-- for when real spring comes, you'll have a fresh crop of unworn clothing to wear!

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posted by Elshane on Feb 8 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

Us PREGGOZ can wear rompers, too! 

The whole "fatty, not yet a baby bump, just a bulge around my stomach" stage was the worst for me. The truth is, being a petite girl all of my life, I was never before in a position where I've felt so uncomfortable with my body size, so I wasn't mentally prepared for that transition stage. So I relied heavily on baggy clothing and I sort of just dealt with it. 

But then the fun part started. I'll never forget one bright morning at Starbucks when a stranger congratulated me {on my pregnancy}! The world was finally starting to notice that I hadn't just gained those dreaded holiday lbs, but it was an actual baby bump! I was officially out of the woods. 

From that moment on, I was getting the same comments from strangers alike-- congratulations, cutting line privileges, seat offerings, you name it. Wow, those perks of pregnancy finally kicked in! I quickly forgot about the awkward phase and was fully enjoying bumpin' like a boo!

I bring this up because I think that with this ever-changing body deserves an ever-changing outlook on pregnancy style. I support wearing what makes you feel sexy. To me, that's this oversized tuxedo romper that I've had in my closet for years. Yeah, it dips so low in the front that you can basically see my brown belly line. Anyone have a problem with that? I sure don't... 

Be it the romper or the crop top or the tight dress... don't let that belly define your state of mind. Rock it like it's hot!

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posted by Elshane on Feb 3 2016, under Fashion

Have you tried white on white for winter yet? It's a must-- especially right now when your closet is starting to look like an unappetizing rotation of chunky knits and denim

And don't be afraid to mix all of those spare neutral tones lying around your closet. You can see from my lewk that my nude handbag pairs perfectly back to my stark white jeans and off white sweater. I didn't think twice about throwing together different tones, and you shouldn't either!

There are no rules in monochromic fashion -- let 'er all blend in!


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posted by Elshane on Feb 1 2016, under Shop What I Want

Valentine's Day celebrates LOVE-- loving yourself, others, and everyone and everything in between (yes, like your pets and plants)!

I've never been one to splurge on the big V-day, but I do think it's important to dabble. A little gift goes a long way-- be it to yourself or your significant other, or a friend in need of a loving touch. 

I've compiled a list of all of my favorite of-the-moment Valentine's Day gifts that range between $20-$1,000, and yes, I have some mega stand-out favorites. 

I love the gift that says, "I got this for you, but secretly, we'll both be enjoying it." Example? The incredibly cool, vintage accordion that can sit on a shelf in your living room and come to life at any party. Also, the Bose bluetooth speaker which is a hands down absolute must for any travel plans, beach day, or afternoon at the park, and of course, the mini Polariod camera that shoots out in-the-moment memories to store and share with friends. 

The finger's crossed keychain is such a quirky gift for a friend in need, or (hehehe) yourself if you tend to misplace your keys a lot!

Don't be late shopping for your Valentine's Day loved ones-- get these items while they last! Happy love.

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posted by Elshane on Jan 25 2016, under Fashion

Growing up in New York, fur was always a big part of the fashion culture. There was rarely a negative stigma behind the choice, in fact, it was pretty universally deemed chic, chic, chic. For me, cold weather is all about the fur coat. It's luxurious and fancy and fabulous and sexy and royal and haute and... feel free to throw in any other words to describe its regalness!

Point? Yes, I do wear fur. And I have a dog that I love, and I definitely follow many more pet Instagram accounts than human Instagram accounts, and I eat meat, and I wear leather shoes, and I always donate to pet charities. 

And I'm perfectly ok with all of that. No need to explain any more. I'm really sorry if I offend anyone who's against fur.

If you feel the same way about fur as me, then I have a great new fur resource for you. It's called ML Furs, and it's based in Denver, Colorado. I recently discovered their website on my trip to Aspen

I especially love their fur accessories-- it's something that's pretty new in this fur game. This hat is similar to the hat I'm wearing in these photos (the hat I'm wearing is about 7 years old from DVF, so unfortunately it's no where to be found for sale these days)!

But, I'm all about these wild fur headbands now, anyway. They're very affordable, and very statement snow bunny chic! If you don't own any fur but want to take the leap, this is a great first step...

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posted by Elshane on Jan 20 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

I always see cute pregnant women in jumpsuits so I gave it a whirl!

Ok, fine. Most don't choose jumpsuits in their normal non-pregnant size that zip up the front of their belly, but, hey, I never claimed to be mainstream.

I actually love this real-girl approach to pregnancy dressing demonstrated here. The jumpsuit is chic, fashionable, flattering, and obviously tells the tale, "yeah, there's something going on inside the belly, but I'm not sacrificing style and breaking the bank for sub-par maternity-wear."

Because guess what? Joke is on everyone else. This jumpsuit is even better when it's zipped (aka, if/when you're not pregnant). 

The key here is to find an underlayer that is extremely body conscious, hugging all your curves and leaving no extra fabric {or low belly skin, eek!} hanging out. This $5 mockneck tank by Cotton On was just what the doctor ordered.

I finished the look with a classic DVF small square scarf that I tied like a neckerchief. 30 weeks and feeling fly...

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posted by Elshane on Jan 18 2016, under Beauty

Winter sneaks up on me each year and I often forget to amp up my hair and skin routine to prepare in time. But, like everything else in life (I truly believe), it's never too late to start.

I tested out some new beauty products while in the perfect cold climate this weekend-- Aspen, Colorado! And I've survived to report some exciting news about each item...


BLISS UN-BUFFING BELIEVABLE smoothing finishing balm: I'm not usually one for extra steps on my typical wash- moisturize- makeup facial routine. But this balm came highly reviewed so I gave her a whirl. The packaging was what I thought would be the best part of the product (there's a magical brush that sprouts from inside an all-in-one compact), but I was wrong. The actual product was the star. 

The balm is like an instagram filter for the face. It's intended to be the final step after you apply your bronzer or foundation makeup. It's creamy but dry, and gives a matte-dewy finishing glow. (Oxymoron, I know, but that's the only way to describe its affect.) Perfect for skin that is destined to be cracked and dry in these remaining winter months. $35.


KORA ORGANICS Cream Cleanser: I had lunch with Miranda Kerr last month in Los Angeles and she introduced me to her skincare line that I had never before tried. We bonded over pregnancy and organic skin solutions for these challenging nine months. If that glowing face of hers swore behind her skin products during her pregnancy, then I thought it was good enough for me. 

She sent me her entire line and although I've been using the Day and Night Face Cream from day one, it took a month for me to test out the Cream Cleanser. I was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight consistency of the cream-- it felt like I was truly cleaning my skin while avoiding all of the harsh chemicals that so many cleansers pack in. The smell of the cream is natural and lightly fragrant, yet not overbearing, which I loved. It's a keeper! $52.

KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME Hair Oil: This product is for every chick (and dude!) who doesn't need to wash their hair every day because it gets greasy. For all normal to dry hair types out there, like me, this is the perfect winter to summer hair oil!

This oil works either before you wash your hair as a pre-conditioning treatment, or post-wash as a leave-in conditioning treatment. It left my hair silky, soft, smooth and full of life, all without the grease. If you don't use an oil on your hair in general, I recommend this product-- it protects from split ends, over-drying, and winter weather by restoring strength to your strands! $50.

LAURA GELLER Concealer Crayon: I'm a NARS devotee when it comes to my concealer, but I thought it was only fair to give this crayon a shot. It has a thinner consistency than my NARS crayon, which for dry and flaky winter skin is a big plus. My only problem with the crayon is that the color is a little too orange for my skin tone-- something that's more individual to the person using the product. I recommend trying this in person before buying! $22.

CHANEL Match Box Cover: Ok, this doesn't have anything to do with beauty, but it's certainly cute enough to keep on your vanity. I found one for you on sale for $92 here.

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posted by Elshane on Jan 13 2016, under Fashion

This 7 month baby bump is getting in the way! It has become fun to dress these days, figuring out new ways to attempt chic-land while steering clear from any maternity store. So far, job successful!

This white shirtdress is something I'd easily wear to work back in my New York City days as the publicist for Diane von Furstenberg. I love how effortlessly chic it reads. Nowadays, my job in LA consists of running around town pulling samples for photo shoots as a fashion stylist, so the opportunity to wear a bosslady shirtdress is few and far between. 

Power-dressing, as I'd call this look, is as easy as the dress you throw on, and the accessories you choose to match. These boots, for example, are a little less power ranger, and a little more princess pretty. It's fun to mix the serious nature of the shirtdress with a whimsical shoe. Maybe not the perfect shoe choice for those board meetings back at DVF, but for a casual day in LA, the shoe fits the bill!

The vest is the final touch on this look. If you know me pretty well, you know I have a strong distaste for vests in general. It takes a lot to put me in a vest. I steer very clear of leather, denim, and other vests, as I typically find them to be too trendy and "trying". But this clean camel vest made the cut... it up'd the style ante just that much more. She took the look from basic b*tch to badass bossy boo!

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